The Blue Lagoon

In a word: Breathtaking!

The Blue Lagoon has tons of sands, but most of it is underwater. Not a problem!  Who would want to stay out of the water?  It's not called blue for nothing.  By far, it is probably the clearest blue you will ever see in the Mediterranean.  With no houses or residences nearby, or other activity except for the day tourists, the water stays crystal clean and clear.

The Blue Lagoon is a long, narrow bay cut into Comino.  It's floor is made up of absolutely pure white sand and the water is crystal clear, thereby giving the appearance of a gargantuan swimming pool.  As you can see in the video, the Lagoon is regularly visited by boats large and small.  While water skiing is permitted in the darker waters at the mouth, the perfectly still inner waters serve as a pseudo-marina where boats are only allowed to anchor.

The Lagoon is surrounded by neatly carved rock formations on both sides, with plenty of pathways and hiking trails to occupy those not interested in spending the whole time sunbathing.  The waters are cool and refreshing, and much, much deeper than it looks.

The Blue Lagoon has appeared on screen many times, most recently for a diving scene featuring Madonna in Swept Away and a spear fishing scene set in ancient times for the mini-series Helen of Troy. Boat trips from Marfa Jetty to Comino enable you to take a dip in the lagoon. Also on Comino is St Mary’s Tower, which is featured in The Count of Monte Cristo.

With its crystal clear waters, the Blue Lagoon is the ideal choice for most kinds of water sports, especially diving and snorkeling. Comino is worth a visit all year round. In winter, it is ideal for walkers and photographers.



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