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Here is were we try to answer any questions you may have regarding our service. If you can't find your answer here, please feel free to contact us!

Getting to and from our boarding sites

Schedule, Pricing & Tickets

Trip to Comino and Amenities on Comino

Getting to and from our boarding sites

Q. What bus should I take to get to you?
A. Visit Arriva’s website ( and you can use their trip planner, on the main page, to see the best busses.  Your destination should be Cirkewwa.


Q. Will there be bus service available when I return from Comino?
A. Yes, the buses run until late night, so it should not be a problem.


Q. I will be coming from my hotel by taxi, and would like to return with the taxi.  Where should I tell the taxi driver to go?
A. Tell you taxi driver to take you to Marfa, across from the Riviera Hotel.  If you would like the taxi for the return trip, tell us when you arrive, and we’ll help schedule with the driver the best time to return for pickup.


Q. Is there parking nearby?
A. If you are coming by car, we highly recommend that you take the Marfa boat, as there is ample parking in the vicinity.

Schedule, Pricing and Tickets

Q. I saw the price for the trip on your website, is that for round trip?  As in, to go to Comino and return?
A. Yes, all our prices are for round trip.


Q. Can I choose the travel time?
A. Your ticket entitles you to choose the time of travel from our itinerary, see our website.


Q. I see that your earliest trip is at 9:00am from Marfa.  Do you have anything earlier.
A. In the summer months (May to Sept), we sometimes have an unofficial trip that leaves at 8 or 8:30am, however this is not guaranteed and is dependent on the number of passengers available at that time.  However, if you have a group of more than 10, contact us the day before and we can make arrangements to take you over earlier.


Q. I would like to stay on Comino until the last ferry, but I’m worried that the boat will be full and I will be left behind!
A. Rest assured, we never leave anyone on Comino!  We anticipate that there is a great demand for the last ferry of the day, and therefore always have an extra boat or two on standby for the final trips of the day.


Q. Do we have to book in advance?
A. Unless you are a group of 10 or larger, no advance booking is required. However you can purchase tickets online at


Q. Can I reserve a specific day and time for the ferry?
A. Yes, it is possible, but only if you are a group of 10 or larger.


Q. What is the difference between your red and blue tickets?
A. Red tickets signify that you have boarded in Cirkewwa, hence we return you there.  Blue tickets signify that you boarded in Marfa.  Most people who come by car park at Marfa, so we wouldn’t want to return you to Cirkewwa!  It is very important to follow the directions of the Crew at the Blue Lagoon, as they will be boarding specific ticket colours only!


Q. I’m on Comino and I lost my ticket!  What do I do now?
A. Immediately speak to the captain of the first United Comino ferry that enters port and he will make the necessary arrangements.  Keep in mind that it may require you to purchase a one way ticket to replace your lost ticket.


Q. I would like to take the ferry from Malta to Comino.  However, would like to return to Gozo instead of Malta.  Is this possible?
A. Yes, we have an agreement in place with a ferry service between Gozo and Comino.  Speak to us in advance, prior to boarding, and we’ll make the necessary arrangements.


Q. Do you have a reduced rate for seniors?
A. Unfortunately, no.


Q. Can a senior remain on board the boat while his companions are swimming?
A. As we are a ferry service, the boat does not remain on Comino, but travels back and forth constantly, hence staying on the boat is not possible.


Q. I see on your website that some trips only take place during “Main Summer” months.  What qualifies as “Main Summer”
A. Typically, this is from May to end of September.  However, this can be modified depending on demand.  You will be informed at boarding time if the last ferry time has changed for the day.


Q. Does the ferry service operate in winter?
A. We operate a full schedule from May to September, a reduced schedule for March, April, October and November, and sporadically in January, February and December.  It is always best to call the day before you plan to travel to Comino, in the winter months, to confirm that the ferry will be operating the following day, as we are subject to the weather conditions. See the current and forecast weather conditions here.


Q. My wife and I would simply like to take the ferry to Comino and back, without disembarking, so as to enjoy the trip and see the caves.  Is this possible, at a reduced rate?
A. Yes it is possible to remain on the boat for a scenic trip, however there is no reduced rate.  It is standard price.  Be sure that the return trip will take place at 12:30pm or later, to see the caves.


Q. We will be a group of 40 people, do we need to book in advance?  Is there a reduced rate?
A. Yes, we recommend booking in advance.  We may be able to offer a reduced rate, contact Mark or Lorrie.


Q. We would like to charter one of your ferries for the day.  Is this possible.
A. Yes, this is possible, however I would recommend that you speak to either Mark or Lorrie to make the necessary arrangements and pricing.  Their contact information is on the Contacts page.


Q. Do you operate on public holidays?
A. Yes, especially on public holidays!  It’s the day most people want to go to Comino!


Q. Can I purchase tickets in advance?
A. Yes, we sell tickets online, as


Q. I’ve purchased my ticket online, what’s the next step?
A. On the day you would like to travel to Comino, go to the departure point that you chose when you purchased the tickets, either Cirkewwa or Marfa, and present a copy of the order confirmation that you received by email to the ticket sales agent.  He will issue you with boarding passes good for the day.

Trip to Comino and Amenities on Comino

Q. What do I need to bring to Comino?
A. Other than yourself, we recommend sunscreen, a towel, a bottle of water and a good pair of flip flops, sandals or water shoes, especially if you plan to walk the short distance to some of the better swimming areas, as the walk is over some sharp rocks.


Q. Can we take a bicycle to Comino?
A. Yes, it is possible to take a bicycle to Comino.  There is no extra charge, however we do recommend that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to our departure time, so we have enough time to load the bicycles.


Q. I would like to go to Santa Maria bay instead of the Blue Lagoon.  Do you offer ferry service to that location?
A. Yes, but only to groups of 10 or more people.  However, contact us in advance, we regularly have groups going there, and may be able to accommodate your request.  Alternately, the walk from the Blue Lagoon to Santa Maria bay is only 10 to 15 minutes.


Q. I see people swimming on the small island across from the Blue Lagoon.  Can I be dropped off there instead of the Blue Lagoon?
A. Unfortunately, no.  Cominotto is designated as a protected reserve.  Hence, boats are prohibited from mooring there.  What most people do is purchase an inflatable mattress or similar from one of the Comino Kiosks, load it with their belongings and swim across the channel to Cominotto, towing the mattress behind them.  Be sure to plan ahead and be back on Comino prior to final ferry!


Q. How safe are your ferries?
A. Our ferries are fully certified and insured.  Our captains and deck hands have taken all the necessary courses and certifications, including fire safety and first aid.


Q. I have young children, should they wear a life vest?
A. No, it's not necessary.  Our ferries are very safe, probably safer than riding in your average car, and are fully equipped with the latest safety equipment!


Q. How long is the trip to Comino and back?
A. The trip to Comino is typically 20 minutes.  The return trip is 20 minutes when direct, and 30 minutes when visiting the Comino caves.


Q. Where does the ferry drop us on Comino?
A. We drop you off directly at the Blue Lagoon.


Q. Where should we wait for the return ferry to Malta?
A. The ferry picks up passengers from the same quay that we drop you off at, at the Blue Lagoon.


Q. Do you offer any activities on Comino?
A. United is a ferry service, hence we do not offer any additional activities on Comino.  However, there are a number of third party vendors on Comino who offer activities and water sports such as trip to the western Comino caves, tours of the island and skiing, to name a few.  Speak to a crew member when you board, they can direct you to the available services.


Q. Do you provide snorkeling equipment?
A. No, we do not.  However, the Kiosks on the island do, as well as other equipment.


Q. Is there food and drink available on the ferry?
A. No, we do not provide any food or drink, however these services are available from the Comino Kiosks.


Q. Are there bathrooms on Comino?
A. Yes, there are public restrooms at the top of the hill above the quay where the ferry docks.


Q. Is there anywhere to store items that need to be kept safe and dry, such as my purse, digital camera, cellular phone, etc?
A. No, as this is a natural beach, there are no permanent fixtures on the island, other than the quay itself.  We recommend having a good back to keep the items, as well as keeping a diligent eye on them while swimming.  We have rarely heard of thefts.


Q. Are there any trees on Comino for shade?
A. There are only trees at Santa Maria bay.  However, deck chairs and umbrellas are available at the Blue Lagoon, from third party vendors.


Q. We would like to do a camping trip to Comino, is this possible?
A. Yes, we cater to campers on a regular basis.  However, camping is only permitted at the Santa Maria bay.  If your group is 10 or more, we can take you there directly, otherwise it’s a short 10-15 minute walk from the Blue Lagoon.  Pickup would be from the Blue Lagoon as well, so plan ahead!



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