Schedule and Pricing

Comino Ferries Co-Op provides round trip service from Marfa and Cirkewwa, Malta to the Blue Lagoon, Comino on a daily basis. The trip takes approximately 25 minutes to Comino and 35 minutes return. During the summer season, additional trips may take place at management's discretion.

Comino Ferries Co-Op also provides an optional service starting from Marfa or Cirkewwa stopping you at the Blue Lagoon and after continuing to Gozo, for the same price. You can then return to Malta from Gozo via the normal Gozo Channel Line ferry service, which runs 24 hours a day. Tickets for the Gozo Channel Line ferry may be purchased in Gozo prior to boarding, for €4.65.



Adults, Round Trip Children under 10
€ 15 € 7
Management reserves the right to charge an additonal €5 per bulky item brought on board, such as bicycles, inflated mattresses, camping equipment or similar. Wheelchairs and similar necessary items are excluded.
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    Comino Ferries Co-Op is a joint venture between United Comino Ferries Ltd and JGS Co. Ltd (Awesome Cruises)
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